Eugene's Software

Lucky Buddha
Lucky Buddha Lucky Buddha - One belief popular in folklore maintains that rubbing his belly brings wealth, good luck, and prosperity. This Lucky Buddha will try to do all of it for you, as much as it can, if you rub his belly. Also it will laugh and tell you a fortune in English, German or Russian depending on language of your choice witch you can make by touching a flag at the top. Thanks for playing, have fun!!!
Magic 8 Ball
8 ball 8 ball Magic 8 Ball will try to help you with hard or not so hard decisions that you have to make. Please donít be mad if the prediction or answers turn not to be true, remember it is just a game. But to try your luck and get an answer you need just to touch the ball or shuttle it. To bring the ball in original state, so that it can "look into the future" to answer your question, touch or shuttle it again. Thanks for playing, have fun!!!
15 Puzzle
15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle - can be played with numbers or as a picture puzzle. To move one or a group of squares just tap on it. You can play it with sound or mute. You can load pictures from your picture galleries or you can take new pictures directly from this program.

To take a picture or select existing one, click "Select Picture" button on Puzzle screen, it will take you to Picture Tool screen, where you can Load Picture from existing gallery or Take Picture, Save it to gallery and then load, or go Back without selecting anything.

To take new picture - on Picture Tool screen click "Take Picture" button, it will take you to your camera app. Once you satisfied with taken picture and accepted it, you will be prompted to save it under name of your choosing.

To load saved picture - click "Load Picture" button, select gallery where you have your picture, select it by clicking on it. If you satisfied with your selection click "Select" button, it will take you to Puzzle screen with your picture as a puzzle.

You can save your game by clicking "Save Game" or load last saved game by clicking "Load Game" button if you saved it. You can switch between picture and number mode by check and uncheck "Picture Puzzle" checkbox. Thanks for playing, have fun!!!
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